American WWII Letters. Antoinette M. Vigeant.
American WWII Letters

American WWII Letters

[New York]: 22 July 1942 - 13 February 1943. Very Good.

Nineteen letters written from Antoinette M. Vigeant from New York City to P.F.C. Alexander G. Zographos at various American Army Air bases in Alabama, Louisiana and South Carolina. With an additional postcard to Zographos from his friend Ed. Very good, with the expected wear to the envelopes, some offsetting from newspaper clippings, otherwise very well kept. An enticing collection of WWII ephemera. This collection of WWII letters is primarily focused on the life and opinions of their author Antoinette M. Vigeant. An intelligent, spirited, and independent woman in her early thirties, Vigeant writes to Zographos with candor, providing more everyday detail than the usual wartime letter, and her letters are well-written, albeit in somewhat messy handwriting. While a younger woman's letters might be more concerned with marriage prospects, Vigeant writes about the children and doctors she works with, her opinions of the war, her pride in Zographos, the events she attends, and her thoughts on the American tax system, among other topics. Although they reveal only a little about Zographos, these letters provide a unique insight into the wartime life of an American woman. - with - - 2 first day of issue envelopes and accompanying stamps mailed to Zographos at his civilian address in Massachusetts - 15 unopened and 2 opened first day of issue envelopes and accompanying stamps from 14 March 1940 - 20 October 1940 - Two empty envelopes with English postage from May 1940 related to the British Pavilion of the New York - 1943 pictorial calendar "The Favourite Calendar of Sunshine"

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