Collection of WWI Correspondence. Andrew J. Kean Jr.

Collection of WWI Correspondence

Des Moines, IA and Philadelphia, PA: 24 November 1917 - 10 September 1918. Very Good.

Twelve letters sent to and from an American sailor stationed in Philadelphia during World War I. Very good, with some light soiling to letters, the usual wear and soiling to the envelopes. A pleasing and endearing set of WWI correspondence. This collection of WWI correspondence includes letters sent to and from Mr. Andrew "Andy" J. Kean Jr., an American Navy seaman waiting in Philadelphia for his ship to be deployed to sea. While Andy addressed his letters to his large family collectively as "home folk," his parents Andrew and Mary and his sister Nell were the relatives who penned the letters that are in this collection. Specifically, this group includes six letters to Andy from his parents, two letters from Andy to his family, and four letters from Nell to Andy. While Andy writes primarily about his ship and fellow sailors, his family members focus on the goings on in his family and townsfolk and pepper their messages with words of love and encouragement. Throughout the correspondence, the letters give one the impression that the Kean family was tight-knit and prone to dysfunction as larger families are wont to be, both from the frequent confusion about which family member wrote to Andy when and from Andy's dismay when that confusion yielded a gap in his flow of letters from home.

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