The Soft Machine: Dead on Arrival [Souvenir Typescript Signed].


Single leaf of 8.5x11" white water-marked paper, printed to recto only with opening text of Burroughs' 1961 novel The Soft Machine. Signed by the author to lower margin in black ballpoint pen. Fine. The first installment of Burroughs' Nova trilogy, The Soft Machine was written using the cut-up technique first developed by the Dadaists in the 1920's. The cut-up technique randomly pieces together words and phrases from previously linear works, creating an entirely new narrative developed completely by chance. The Soft Machine draws its original text from The Word Hoard, a large body of text created by Burroughs from 1954 to 1958. This signed typescript contains the opening text of the novel, in the chapter titled "Dead on Arrival."

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