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FIRST IMPRESSIONS - September 2014

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Capote Lot

I. Truman Capote

Other Voices, Other Rooms. First edition, first printing, 1948.

A Tree of Night. First edition, first printing, 1949.

The Grass Harp. First edition, first printing, second issue, 1951.

                                                     List price: $600
                                                    Group price: $400

Dickens Lot

II. Charles Dickens

Master Humphrey's Clock. First edition, 1840-1841.

The Christmas Books.  Early editions, 1844-1848.

The Old Curiosity Shop. Later edition, [no date].

                                                     List price: $2,675

                                                     Group price: $2,000

Eliot Lot

III. George Eliot

The Mill on the Floss. First edition, first state, 1860.

Felix Holt the Radical. First edition, "A" binding, 1866.

                                                     List price: $3,200

                                                    Group price: $2,500

Kerouac Lot

IV. Jack Kerouac

On the Road. First edition, first printing, 1957.

The Dharma Bums. First edition, first printing, 1958.

Doctor Sax. First printing, Evergreen Book issue, 1959.

List price: $2,925

                                                    Group price: $2,200

Lardner Lot

V. Ring W. Lardner

The Real Dope. First printing, variant binding, 1919.

Benét, Stephen Vincent. John Brown's Body.  First trade edition, signed by Lardner, 1928.

Round Up. First edition, second printing, 1929.

                                                     List price: $795
                                                    Group price: $500

Lewis Lot

VI. Sinclair Lewis

Free Air. First edition, first printing, 1919.

Main Street. First edition, second printing, 1920.

                                                    Mantrap. First edition, advance review copy, 1926.

                                                     Elmer Gantry. First edition, first printing,  1927.

                                                     Dodsworth. First edition, first printing, 1929.

                                                     List price: $810
                                                    Group price: $550

McMurtry Lot

VII. Larry McMurtry

The Last Picture Show. First edition, first printing, signed by McMurtry, 1966.

Moving On. First edition, first printing, 1970.

Terms of Endearment. First edition, first printing, 1975.

                                                      The Desert Rose. Limited edition of 250 copies, signed by McMurtry,in the publisher's
                                                      shrinkwrap, 1980.

                                                      List price: $1,100
                                                      Group price: $800

Pynchon Lot

VIII. Thomas Pynchon

The Crying of Lot 49. First edition, first printing, 1966.

Gravity's Rainbow. First edition, first printing, 1973.


List price: $2,400

                                                     Group price: $1,800

Styron Lot

IX. William Styron

Lie Down in Darkness. First edition, first printing, 1951.

The Confessions of Nat Turner. First printing, 1967.

List price: $225

Group price: $150


Wodehouse Lot

X. P. G. Wodehouse

Leave it to Psmith. Early printing, circa 1926.

                                                     Hot Water. First printing, 1932.

                                                    Young Men in Spats. First printing, 1936.

                                                    Lord Elmsworth and Others. First printing, 1937.

                                                    Summer Moonshine. First printing, 1938.

                                                   Uncle Fred in the Springtime. First printing, 1939.

                                                   Eggs, Beans, and Crumpets. First printing, 1940.

                                                   Money in the Bank. First printing, 1946.

                                                   Spring Fever. First printing, 1948.

                                                  List price: $605
                                                  Group price: $400

Wolfe Lot
XI. Thomas Wolfe

From Death to Morning. First edition, first printing, 1935.

Of Time and the River. First edition, first printing, 1935.

The Hills Beyond. First edition, first printing, 1941.

List price: $525
                                                     Group price: $375

 Facsimile LotXII. Facsimile Editions

Alexander, J.J.G. The Master of Mary of Burgundy. 1970.

Bumgardner, George. Nouvelle Cinque. Limited edition of 1,950 numbered copies, 1970.

Burns, Robert. Poems Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 1927.

                                                     Fairbank, Alfred. Augustino da Siena. 1970.

                                                     Manion, Margaret. The Wharncliffe Hours. 1981.

                                                     Plummer, John. The Hours of Catherine of Cleves. [no date]

                                                     Estimated retail value: $400-$500
                                                     Price: $25 net

Politics LotXIII. Politics

Ben-Gurion, David. Israel: A Personal History.  Limited issue of 2,000 copes, signed by Ben-Gurion, 1971.

Butterfield, Robert. FDR. 1963.

                                                      Diefenbaker, John G. One Canada. Signed by Diefenbaker, 1976.

                                                      Frey, Herman S. Jefferson Davis. Signed by Frey, 1977.

                                                      Frost, David. The Americans. Second printing, signed by Frost, with original wrap
                                                      around band, 1970.

                                                     Thompson, Carlos. The Assassination of Winston Churchill.  Limited edition of 50 copies,
                                                     signed by Thompson.

                                                     Estimated retail value: $2,200
                                                     Price: $50 net

Variety LotXIV. Various Topics, Travel-Related & Judaica              

Adams, Leon D. The Wines of America. Third printing, signed by Adams, 1973.

Canfield, Cass. The Incredible Pierpont Morgan.  Autographed copy, signed by Canfield,

                                                       Dego, Guiliano. Solo L’Ironia. Signed by Dego, 1968.

                                                       Fuertes, Louis Agassiz.. A Fuertes Portfolio of Texas Birds. Limited edition of 750 unbound
                                                       sets, signed by Fuertes, 1977.

                                                       Glazer, Rabbi Simon. Grace and Blessings. [no date].

                                                       Singer, Isaac Bashevis. A Little Boy in Search of God.  Illustrated by Ira Moskowitz. Limited
                                                       edition of 150 copies, signed by Singer and Moskowitz, with an original etching, 1976.

Smith, Gary. Windsinger.  Signed by Smith, 1976.

                                                       Smith, Vincent. The Sydney Opera House. First printing, 1973.

                                                       Stewart, Jack. Graffiti Kings. [no date].

                                                       Estimated retail value: $800-$1,000
                                                       Price: $50 net


Illustrated Lot

XV. Illustrated Editions

Maxym, Lucy. Russian Lacquer, Legends, and Fairy Tales. One of 500 copies, signed by Maxym, 1981.

Tieck, Ludwig. The Fair-Haired Eckbert. Illustrated by Jill Heberden. One of 100 copies, signed by Heberden, 1988.

Tomlinson, H.M. The Sea and the Jungle. One of of 1,950 numbered copies, signed by    
, 1971.

                                                      Wilde, Oscar. The Happy Prince. Illustrated by Peter Cholerton. One of of 2,600 copies
                                                      signed by Cholerton
, 1980.

                                                      Estimated retail value: $200-$300
                                                      Price: $25 net

Biography Lot

XVI. Biographies

Carter, Frederick. D.H. Lawrence and the Body Mystical. Limited edition of 250 numbered copies, 1932.
                                                     Cohen, Morten N. The Letters of Lewis Carroll. Two volumes, in publisher's slipcase, 1979.

                                                     Douglas, Norman. D.H. Lawrence and Maurice Magnus. Privately Printed, 1924.

                                                     Eliot, T.S. Selected Essays. New edition, 1950.

                                                    Goheen, Robert F. The Letters of Thomas Mann to Caroline Newton. Privately printed, 1971.

                                                    Guinness, Bryan. Diary Not Kept. One of 500 copies, signed by Guinness, 1975.

                                                    Leavitt, Richard F. The World of Tennessee Williams. Introduction by Tennessee Williams.                                                     1978.

                                                    Norris, Kathleen. Beauty in Letters. Inscribed by Norris to Apsley Cherry-Garrard (survivor of                                                     the failed British Antarctic Expedition of 1910-1912), with two page letter laid in, 1930.

                                                    Patmore, Derek. Homage to Marcel Proust: 1871-1971. Introduction by Princess Marthe                                                     Bibesco. One of 100 numbered copies, signed by Patmore and Bibesco, 1971.

                                                    Woolf, Virginia. Orlando: A Biography. 1928.

                                                    Wright, Gordon. MacDiarmid. One of 50 numbered copies, signed by MacDiarmid, 1977.

                                                    Estimated retail value: $900-$1,000
                                                    Price: $50 net

Signed Ltd.

XVIII. Signed Limited Editions

Bear, Greg. Anvil of Stars. First edition, limited issue of 200 numbered copies, signed by Bear (Edinburgh edition), 1992.

                                                    Brontë, Charlotte. Two Tales by Charlotte Brontë. Edited by William Holtz.One of 300 copies,
                                                    signed by Holtz
, 1978.

                                                    Cushing, Frank H. The Nation of the Willows. Introduction by Robert C. Euler. One of 200
                                                    copies, signed by Euler, 1965.

                                                    Fuller, Richard Buckminster. Critical Path. One of 250 numbered copies, signed by Fuller,

                                                   Hergesheimer, Joseph. The Presbyterian Child. One of 300 numbered copies, signed by
, 1923.

                                                   Horgan, Paul. Lamy of Sante Fe: His Life and Times. One of 500 copies, signed by Horgan,
                                                   with 12 color plates, 1975.

                                                   Keane, Molly. Loving and Giving. One of 100 numbered copies, signed by Keane, 1988.

                                                   Lehmann, John. Christ the Hunter. One of 500 numbered copies, signed by Lehmann, 1965.

                                                   Morgan, Charles. Charles Morgan on Retrievers. One of 100 numbered copies, signed by
, 1968.

                                                   Potok, Chaim. The Chosen. 25th Anniversary Edition, signed by Potok, 1992.

                                                   Roberts, Kenneth. Lydia Bailey. One of 1,050 copies, signed by Roberts, with a page from
                                                   Roberts' manuscript, 1947.

                                                   Symons, Arthur. Confessions: A Study in Pathology. One of 542 numbered copies, signed by
, 1930.

                                                   Vidal, Gore. 1876. One of 300 copies, signed by Vidal, 1976.

                                                   Estimated retail value: $1,400
                                                   Price: $100 net

Music BooksXIX. Music and Song Books

Gershwin, Ira. Lyrics on Several Occasions. 1959.

[Logue, Christopher]. Count Palmiro Vicarion’s Book of Bawdy Ballads. Second edition, 1957.

Sitwell, Edith. Façade: An Entertainment. Limited edition of 250 copies, signed by Walton, with an original recording, 1972.

                                                   Estimated retail value: $350
                                                   Price: $25 net

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